The smartphone has forever changed the way we use cameras. In place of dedicated tools with a specialized feature set, today’s cameras are portable, sophisticated computing and communication systems. QuantumFilm™ image sensors make it possible for cameras in ultrathin, multifunctional devices to produce uncompromised picture quality in a variety of conditions, so you don’t miss your specialized camera anymore.
Real Time High Dynamic Range

Conventional pixels using silicon have limited dynamic range, and perform better when capturing a scene that is mostly one lighting condition—either all mostly bright, or all mostly dark. A scene with both bright highlights and dark shadow detail, such as a portrait in front of a bright, snowy panorama or a day at the beach under an umbrella, presents a challenge for the typical silicon sensor. QuantumFilm pixels have over three times higher dynamic range, allowing you to capture supremely detailed images in almost any lighting condition where there is bright sky.

Slow Motion Video

Until now, you needed a bulky and expensive camera to produce good slow motion video. With QuantumFilm, your mobile phone places slow motion video at your fingertips. Slow motion is perfect for capturing moments you want to relive again and again, from winning sports plays to shots of pets and young children having a ball. With QuantumFilm, you’ll catch all the details.

Global Shutter

In photography, timing is everything. With our global shutter, you’ll never miss that fleeting moment; instead, you’ll be capturing motion instantly. Traditional cameras have a rolling shutter—this means that portions of the image are photographed in sequence, one after the other. If you move too much or too fast, with rolling shutter the image will become distorted. This distortion can occur in both still photos and video. With InVisage’s global shutter, you can capture 4K videos and still photos instantly, with zero distortion.


HD video is great, but what’s next? The professionals in Hollywood have been shooting your favorite movies in the 4K full aperture digital format for years. At last, InVisage is bringing this professional cinematography standard into a camera that fits in your pocket. With 4K, you’ll shoot video at four times the resolution and quality of 1080p HD.