There is no room for compromise in the professional photography and cinematography scene. More pixels, faster frame rates and difficult lighting conditions make the professional camera the ultimate engineering challenge. QuantumFilm enhances your professional grade D-SLR camera with unsurpassed dynamic range, sensitivity, and global shutter video capabilities at even greater pixel counts.

Filmmakers and professional photographers know that digital cameras have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, they have yet to catch up to photochemical film in terms of dynamic range. Because QuantumFilm's response to light can be tuned to have the non-linear response of film, QuantumFilm can expand dynamic range by 3 stops. With QuantumCinema, rich blacks and detailed brights don't have to be sacrificed anymore.

Electronic Gimbaling with Global Shutter

With QuantumFilm's global shutter, electronic image stabilization is easier than ever thanks to having a single motion vector across the entire frame. The video below demonstrates global shutter's ability to eliminate rolling shutter "wobble" and facilitate more effective electronic image stabilization.

Autofocus Innovations for Smaller Pixels 

In Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), a single, larger microlens is placed on top of two or four sub-pixels, which are read out independently to calculate the phase of the incoming signal and quickly adjust the lens focus. Today, PDAF operates using the whole image, not only a small percentage of the active pixel array.

QuantumFilm sensors enable extremely small pixels, which allows for full-array PDAF on high-resolution sensors (full HD) without having to resort to larger optical formats. In addition, the QuantumFilm sensor's acceptance of incoming light at steep angles (high CRA compatibility) and inherent low crosstalk even in small pixels help increase the accuracy of phase detection and ensure that your images will always be in focus.